Ecotourism (Sustainable Tourism)

I discovered this activity four years ago and now it has become my lifestyle. I like to meet people from around the world when they are in my area. All this became real to me using a social network called Couchsurfing, it is a community for travelers and tourists. I liked this idea and I became an active member hosting people who were traveling to this side of Moldova. In my first months of Couchsurfing my English was at a beginner level then after one year, it improved to the level of advanced.

This was a great opportunity for me to learn new things and to understand other people’s cultures. Knowledge of the English language has helped me to learn new information from different people who visit me from different places around the world. Many of the people who visited my village said they like it. I also enjoyed the time spent with my guests, and of course, I made many international friends.

The Most Active Member in Moldova

After two years of being in the Couchsurfing community, I discovered that I was the most active member in all of Moldova, those who arrived here are the special ones. These are the people who are done with the big city lifestyle and tourist attractions. These people are looking for the real Moldova, of the common people, a way of life that is fast disappearing. These people love exploring the real world.

After three years I received a phone call from a reporter who works for a national newspaper. She wanted to know what it was like being a member of an online international community hosting people from different parts of the world. She asked all the usual questions about what I hope to learn, achieve, and how was I hoping to change my life by being a member of that community. For me, this interview showed that the message was getting out. Here you can travel around the world without paying the earth. Hosting, Couchsurfing or just putting someone up is a great way to meet new people and form new friendships. 

Hosting People From All Around The World (more than 20 countries)

If I look back after four years, and all the people from twenty different countries that I have hosted. I have become more experienced in travel information and ideas, I continue to learn more. I found that the activity that I do has a specific name: Sustainable Tourism or Ecotourism. This was for me a good reason for starting a new and different level of tourism services. I have built a website so that people who want to find out what I am all about can check me out. So people, if you want to see the real Moldova and you are in the south you are welcome to discover the countryside of Moldova together with me or to learn from me what is that to live in the countryside of Moldova.

The results are this: spending time without worrying that time is passing you by, getting back to the soil, learning about the different plants herbs crops, helping to plant and harvest different vegetables and to pick berries, fruits, grapes. Also drying fruits or herbs because I’m passionate about permaculture and had transformed my home’s yard into a productive and sustainable garden. If you enjoy the beauty of nature, sunny skies, fresh air and water, organic fruit, vegetable, and silence.

If you come I can promise you’ll enjoy every day. I also cook for my guests tasty lunch and dinner, we cook often together the local meals – Moldovan traditional food. I also incorporate vegetarian, vegan, and raw practices into what I cook. Then other activities which I have for my guests is a walk in the village Rosu, a walk in the city of Cahul, also tour of WW2 monuments  from Cahul city, take a two hour tour to another village by bicycle, (available bikes for hire) hiking outside of village Rosu to a young forest up on the hill.

Now known as CostelHostel, my place is ready for any guests any time of a year, I describe each season shortly and the things that we can see and do. Spring with fresh air and aromatic flowers all around with sunny days. Summer is very beautiful with all nature around green, with hot sun, and sweet and tasty fruits and vegetables. Autumn is colorful and warm, also full of grapes. Winter is cold but beautiful with lots of snow. A sauna at CostelHostel is ready for when you need that relaxing heat with plenty of herbal tea on hand.

All the above is modifiable and can be set to your own requirements. Again if it’s about peace, rest from city life and a quiet atmosphere you are looking for in the Moldovan countryside. Visit my website I made specifically for Ecotourism or contact me and we will see what we can arrange for you, your group or your family.