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Whenever you stop by Cahul while having a travel in Moldova, nothing can be better than CostelHostel. It will provide you an amazing and highly relaxing experience. The friendly environment of this countryside enhances the love of nature. Natives are very friendly and love to welcome visitors. There are a lot of things offered by CostelHostel including fresh vegetables, traditional food and organic experiences.

The pure essence of Village life can be felt and enjoyed in way that it totally converts the urban hustle to calm and fresh mind. There is a huge garden filled with a variety of plantation and activities like Barbeque and sitting area for a wonderful view of grapes vines. This place is perfect for the intercultural relationships because all the visitors get access to the garden and sitting area where they can exchange their ideas and life experiences. In today’s imitation urban life, organic and pure foods are desired treat.

CostelHostel is exactly an embellishment of the beautiful village Rosu that is almost three kilometers away from Cahul. Pure fresh air, organic food and blue skies increase the charm of a stay in this destination. It is easily accessible by local transport that takes people to nearby places like markets, Salon, ATMs etc. Native life of the village is itself an attraction. People keep their houses well decorated, colorful and surrounded by plantation. They also make wine at home which they love to share with their guests.

Another charm of this place is its owner Constantin who is an extremely friendly person. He not only helps the visitors to enjoy but also guides them about the places to visit. Being a native of this place he knows each and everything specialty. Food at CostelHostel is a complete representation of Constantin’s passion. He warmly welcomes every guest and interacts like a family. He can speak various languages due to that he easily creates excellent relationships with every single visitor.

Rosu is the place which offers the color and serenity of every season on a full bloom. Summers shows the beauty of greenery that starts shinning under the golden sunlight. Bright Green family increases the spark of attraction. Winters gives funky chills because of the snow and mesmerizing landscaping. Springs are always the princess of the year and when they appear at a place like CostelHostel they become more colorful. The vibrant colors and fragrances increase the love of this place more. Autumn is usually the harvesting season due to which it provide and activity for not getting bored.

Cahul is the third largest city of Moldova but the environment is very calm and peaceful. There are a lot of entertaining places including parks, museum, football stadium, lake, theatre and community center. Different events are organized entire year like concerts, meetings, exhibitions and occasional celebrations. Traditional music and dancing White Nymphea festival is annually organized in Cahul where tourists come from all over the world. The most famous spa of Moldova is located in Cahul which offers healing water and other services.

Constantin loves to guide people about all these things to make their trip more memorable. He sometimes accompanies visitors for different places, train trips and visiting to different places. He also takes his guests to his uncle’s place that is located in Slobozia Mare. The entire journey remains beautiful because of the natural landscape. Train trip is the best option to acquire for this purpose.

Apart from busses and train there is another option to have an exciting countryside trip that is through cycling. People living in the neighborhood keep interacting with the tourist visiting CostelHostel. Sometimes they wave their hand or invite to sit in the garden and offer their homemade wine. The Visitors can enjoy hiking as well or play games.

Wooden outdoor furniture looks perfect under the tree in the huge garden of CostelHostel. It is a perfect organic garden house which is made with a lot of dedication and love to make its visitor become a part of it. CostelHostel is the place which makes the people fall in love with it. It is a complete house with fully equipped kitchen, modern bathroom, Sauna, common sitting area with television, phone and free Wi-FI. The most interesting thing is that you don’t need to leave your pets home, simply talk to the owner because some pets are allowed. Charges are very reasonable for the services and facilities. It is easily affordable by every visitor.

Constantin welcomes everyone with a smile and lets them visit his beautiful village. Everything is maintained perfectly from food to every need of the house. Everyone lives here like a family. This place leaves a very deep mark in the memory of its visitors which makes them visit again. CostelHostel is the perfect travel friend in Moldova.

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