Insider Service

From time to time, as a local, I meet people who are traveling around Eastern Europe, some of them get excited discovering the Moldovan life and choose to stay longer in the country. A few times, I’ve met foreigners looking to spend a few months, or even longer in Moldova. When they asked for more local help I was always glad to help. Out of these meeting, I also developed great friendships. All these meetings didn’t stop me helping them settle, some people even wanted to be involved in helping some of the locals. This happened when two people from Holland decided to enjoy their long stay in Moldova, so they wanted to make new friends, learn the language, learn the culture, and become locals.

By then, I had told them about a young family with four children who needed temporary financial support to be able to move forward. After meeting with them, my friends from Holland decided to get involved. I offered advice on how to help this family. With now four children, they were in great need of a bathroom. After two months of hard work, the new bathroom came in as a great gift for this family.

As a local, I helped to introduce the new arrivals into the Moldovan society, from the city of Cahul to the village of Roşu. As people newly arrived in the country and want to help, my friends didn’t know who to help first. That where I came in. Having the local knowledge of the different families and needs I could provide advice. Before my friends were ready to help, they needed to find a place to live. Looking for a house when you do not speak the language is difficult. I gladly helped with the translation and organizing meetings with landlords. Within a short time, we solved this problem and my guests and now good friends had a place to call home. We had found a house surrounded by nature, on the outskirts of the city of Cahul. The well maintained four-bedroom house in Cahul cost 120 Euro per month. The local price means that people renting are able to make it their own, by painting, adding furniture and their own personal touch in interior design. Many other surprises came with the house, my friends made a new furry friend with the landlord’s dog as they were now sharing the same garden. The renting process, including renovation, took only two weeks, compared with the standards from their home country, my friends were very happy to get to move so quickly in their own home.

My experience of helping locals with newly arrived foreigners was repeated before with two Spanish men working for different associations that also wanted to help the local hospital, orphanage school for deaf children. This was my first time to be a translator and helper for these lovely people coming from so far away to do good things here. Their actions motivate me to learn to be useful to people in need.

Because I’m involved with people, I notice issues with local authorities and little corruption even for small things. Somehow, this is very confusing and gives a view that even local authorities do not want to help their local citizens. The root of the problem being money. Speaking about charity, someone in Moldova who struggle to live might not get what they need the help doesn’t make it to people truly needing it, being often stuck in bureaucracy.

My personal advice for charity organizations wanting to help people in need from Moldova is to go directly to local people, asking how they can help.

Moldova is a good place to live for foreigners wanting to steer away from the noisy world and discover a quieter and more cheerful world also including more freedom. Everyone is welcome to contact me if they are interested in moving to Moldova, buying some land, renting a house or just traveling through the country. I am always available to be an interpreter and an insider helper.