A New Way Of Traveling – Sustainable Traveling

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Regardless of our lifestyle and how we choose to live, most of us have a common wish: traveling. Many young people nowadays choose to travel on a low budget, choosing their host so that they can save money, eating cheaper and locally.

In the last years the online traveling platforms have changed a lot. Every year they become more and more popular, suitable for all ages and categories of people. They are also very related with ecotourism/sustainable tourism because they offer a chance for people to travel cheap and sustainable. Many platforms are also offering small amounts of credit for people to start with.

My experience with online traveling platforms

I was very impressed when I found out about this new way of traveling, and became very interest to join. I started to use more online platforms (Airbnb, Couchsurfing, Homestay, etc.) travelling mostly in European countries.

Airbnb and Homestay are more advantageous because they offer a budget to start. Therefore, I was more motivated to join and after I traveled a few times, I learned from my host that I could also host myself other travelers.

So, I started to host people. It was pretty favorable for me because I could earn some pocket money. This is a very good idea which will encourage us to travel more, creating more sustainable alternatives to the mainstream tourism which is not affordable by everyone.

One of the things that also made me choose this type of tourism is the fact that I could experience the cultural life as it is in the countries I visited, opportunity that one could not easily experience if he travels in typical areas that are made especially for tourists. This was very important for me because it felt like home every time I arrived to my host.

It is also very convenient because most of the hosts can show you the local area, discovering what is best there. It is like meeting new person, your host but also having possibility for a new friendship.

After a few years of experience, meeting different people, I decided to promote this way of traveling here in my country Moldova, becoming more active and transforming it in a part time job by hosting more and more travelers from all around the world at CostelHostel.

Airbnb and Homestay offers even more credit to the ones who join the network as hosts instead of travelers. This is one of the reasons why I was even more motivated when a friend invited me to join these networks. Airbnb goes beyond the standard tourism because it offers locations that are not targeted by the mainstream tourism. Untouched and authentic places (country sides, eco-communities, etc.).

These traveling networks open opportunities for more deep connection with people from different cultures. It is a real-life changing experience!

Airbnb is a very trusted network because each host has a profile page and reviews from people he met by traveling and by hosting. I warmly recommend it!